Enhancing Your Journey: Quarterly Prayer Journal by Marla A. McCarthy

Enhancing Your 3D_hardback_EYJJourney: Quarterly Prayer Journal by Marla A. McCarthy
ISBN # 978-0-9800083-5-7

In need of being refreshed, renewed, revived? Want to have a closer relationship with God and become more disciplined in your prayer life? Keeping a prayer journal is an incredibly healthy, beneficial practice and an effective tool to enhance your everyday life and time with God. The “Enhancing Your Journey: Quarterly Prayer Journal” allows you to truly see God’s hand clearly working in your life when you look back at what you’ve written. Writing in a prayer journal is very therapeutic. It provides a place to pour out your heart, thoughts, feelings, frustrations, happiness, sadness, and joy. This journal will serve as a continual reminder that as you ask, there is a loving God listening and healing every situation in your life. If you’ve never used a prayer journal, I implore you to give it a try. Having written accounts of God’s faithfulness in your life can build your faith and strengthen your relationship with Him in ways that you have never imagined. This
prayer journal provides you with a beautiful way to track your life experiences for generations to come. It is the perfect tool to help you kick your prayer life into high gear and ensure that you’ll have a powerful, inspiring record of your life journey. This journal also includes a topical scripture index to guide you in finding wisdom and answers for every issue, problem, or relationship matter you may face. Get your copy today!

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