Personal Training

Want to lose weight, feel more energized, feel more attractive, lose excess body fat, and achieve better health?

Then LPC Personal Training and Weight Loss Coaching may be perfect for you.

LPC coaches can:

  • Deliver nutritional and programming advice
  • Help you learn how to create an energy deficit to lose weight
  • Guide you through your workout program to reduce chances of injury
  • Encourage and motivate you on your weight loss or fitness journey
  • Help you work toward feeling empowered and energized
  • Help you build strength from the inside out
  • Help you kick start weight loss
  • Help you work toward the aesthetics you desire
  • Travel to your home or office

We serve those individuals who:

  • Don’t have a large amount of time to train
  • Need help fitting workouts into their busy schedule

We offer:

  • Online personal training
  • 30 and 60-minute in-person training sessions
  • Program design and exercise solutions to blast away the fat and boost your confidence
  • Outstanding customer service, communication, and professionalism

Let us help you transform your life, relationships, health, business, & career one day at a time!

Our coaching and training services are in no way intended to replace or be a substitute for the expert medical advice or treatment of a physician. If an individual is under a physician’s care and receives advice from their physician contrary to the information provided on this site, your physician’s advice should be followed. All matters regarding your health require medical supervision. Always consult your physician before beginning any program of exercise or progressive weight training. If you feel any strain or pain when you are exercising, stop immediately and consult your physician.