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LPC coaches help individuals clarify their life vision, identify their gifts, overcome obstacles, and achieve their highest potential. Another way we achieve this is through speaking engagements. LPC coaches  present information in a way that is useful, accurate, interesting, motivational, and life-changing. If your organization is in need of a professional speaker for a seminar, webinar, class, workshop, tele-seminar, tele-summit, business event, or church retreat, fill out the form below or contact us a info@lightedpathcoaching.com and provide us with:

  • Your name
  • Name of your organization
  • Your role or position in the organization
  • The event name or theme
  • Requested dates
  • Event location
  • Estimated attendance
  • Your email & phone number
  • Topic you would like us to speak on

Please describe the theme or issues you would like for us to discuss or address at your event. We would love to share our wisdom, knowledge, tips, and life experience with you and your group or organization. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Contact us at info@lightedpathcoaching.com today!

Current Target Audiences:

  • Married Couples and Marriage Groups
  • Businesses
  • Health and Fitness Organizations
  • Youth Groups
  • Youth Sports Organizations

Local Geographic Area: Dallas-Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas

Topics: Marriage, relationships, friendship, workplace relationships, self-esteem, health, fitness, wellness, exercise habits, spirituality, life purpose and career

Request a booking with Jerome and/or Marla McCarthy at info@lightedpathcoaching.com now!

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