Vision and Mission Statement

puzzleLighted Path Coaching Vision and Mission Statement

Our goal is simple – to help you live an improved, effective, purposeful, powerful, prosperous life.

Our Vision
Our vision is to enhance the quality of life of every individual we coach. We approach life and coaching with a deep understanding that life is about relationships. How one manages their relationships will determine their overall quality of life and ability to impact the world around them. It is our goal and vision to foster an environment and develop an uplifting community where individuals can strengthen their mind, body, and spirit to provide a solid foundation for developing  strong relationships to create an amazing life. We commit to encouraging, motivating, and helping individuals change their thinking to develop the power to change their world. We will actively engage with our clients to help them design and construct a plan to transform their lives. LPC coaches commit to building stronger marriages, families, friendships, business relationships & communities one life at a time.

Our Mission Statement
Lighted Path Coaching is a very family-oriented company. Our mission is to build a close-knit community of well-coached, successful individuals who encourage one another to actualize their dreams. We daily strive to provide an uplifting and invigorating website, motivational coaching experiences, and powerful speaking engagements to help transform minds and change lives. We also commit to providing books, products, and resources packed with powerful information that will transform the lives and relationships of our clients, and individuals throughout the world.

We consistently strive to help individuals renew their minds, strengthen their bodies, and define their core set of beliefs in order to radically, positively impact their homes, businesses, local communities, and the world. It is our goal that following a LPC coaching experience, you will be refreshed, restored, renewed, and invigorated with a new passion for life, pursuing your purpose, and achieving your dreams!

It is our heart’s desire for you to get a tremendous amount of wisdom and knowledge out of visiting our site, attending our mind-transforming, life renewing, and relationship building events. Our aspiration is for our books, resources, and materials to inspire you to rise to new levels in your life!

Unleash the power within you to accomplish more than you ever thought possible! Find all the resources you need learn how to be a pillar of light in your home, business, and community and to achieve prosperity in every area of your life, at,, or! Start transforming your life today!

Lighted Path Coaching (LPC) – Helping you see a clear path to healing your relationships, fulfilling your purpose, and reaching your destiny!