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mouse“Action is the foundational key to all SUCCESS.” – Pablo Picasso

Our Services:
Online Coaching, Support, Maintenance

  • Receive coaching to discover your purpose & blaze a path toward healthier relationships, a more powerful presence, and promotion.
  • Gain support in developing strategies to achieve your goals and live your dreams.
  • Obtain help with maintaining relationships, encouragement to achieve your action steps. and gain insight for how to most efficiently execute your life plan.

Be coached via e-mail or chat from anywhere!

We offer email and chat coaching to our clients. The benefits of e-mail coaching are:
1. You are not limited to a time or place. You may send e-mail at any hour morning, noon or night.
2. You pick the time and place to communicate with your Coach (i.e. from home, work, school, etc).
3. Time-zones will not be a problem.
4. Language problems are not present the same way as in talking by phone.
5. It is by far, the most convenient way to receive coaching and a very effective way of communicating.

Email coaching works for people who are serious about their life and need a little encouragement to stay on target! Email coaching is unique in that, you can email your message, while you are at home or traveling on the bus, train or airplane and you never have to miss an appointment! It’s the most effective, the most efficient, the most convenient, and the least costly method of coaching available. You will have your own coach, who you will work with one-on-one each week on an hourly basis via email or chat. You will work through the materials provided for you at a comfortable pace and have homework assignments that will require anywhere from 1 to 4 hours per week.

Let us help you develop and execute a plan of action. Contact us  at info@lightedpathcoaching.com for a free consultation for

  • Life Purpose coaching
  • Health, Fitness or Weight Loss coaching
  • Relationship or Marriage coaching today!

Coaching is not the same as counseling. It is an alliance, a partnership. Our passion at LPC is to help you discover your specific life design, and to help you live to your greatest potential. As your coach, we will strategize with you to take action and overcome obstacles as you navigate your way to a life of fulfillment and satisfaction. We are here to listen, ask powerful questions, give enthusiastic support and challenge you to achieve your goals.

We have a passion to see others succeed, and are committed to doing everything we can to support your decision & commitment to change your life. As your coach we aspire to help you discover your purpose  and take action steps to heal, restore, or build relationships in order to succeed in every area of your life. It is our desire to see marriages healed and repaired, and for families to be restored. We are daily inspired to do our best to help you strengthen your mind, body, and spirit to build a strong foundation for creating an amazing life.

As you put in the work, we will coach you to reach your goals. Let us help you energize your body, renew your mind, restore your spirit, and revive your goals and dreams in order to dramatically increase your effectiveness and quality of  life.  We commit to helping you build connections and camaraderie with those who you share your life with, individuals you work with, and  those with who you participate in activities and ventures in order to enhance your overall life experience. Your encounters with our coaches will help you to break through barriers and radically change the way you think about and approach each day, communicate with others, tackle your goals, and achieve your dreams.

We are humbled by those who have allowed us to positively impact their lives, health, relationships, marriages, families, businesses, and careers. We appreciate the opportunity to connect and partner with you in positively transforming your life.

We look forward to hearing from, working with, and coaching you to create the life you want. We desire to see you achieve all of your personal and professional goals! Let us coach and inspire you to success! Find out why our clients seek out & rely upon us as their coach. Consider what it will cost you if you don’t take steps to take your life to the next level. Easily access your coach online and become a part of our LPC family today. Contact us at info@lightedpathcoaching.com for your free consultation now!

Free consultation

Life  coaches do not treat mental illness or other mental health issues because we are not licensed, qualified, or trained in that area. If you realize you need counseling, therapy, or are in need of a physician you need to immediately seek out the appropriate professionals.