The Power to Reshape Your Life

reshape your lifeWe each have a decision to make daily to progress and make positive changes, or to remain the same and regress. In order to avoid remaining in the same state or shape, moving backward, or reverting to an earlier or less advanced state in our life, we each must choose to get up and take the necessary steps to reshape our life.

1. Make a decision about what you want
What do you desire for your life? What are you hoping to become? What do you believe will change your life for the better? Examine your health, appearance, relationships, education, career, extra-curricular activities, who you are sowing into, and who is sowing into you. Does your current state in life align with what you truly value? As you examine your life and everyday experience, does it reveal or reflect your goals, desires, passion, and interests? What needs to change?

2. Change your thinking
Consider how you got to where you currently are. Get rid of your previous ways of thinking, possible selfish attitudes, and be open to new ways of looking at the world around you. If you are desiring or craving changes, your previous outlook or view has not resulted in the life or experience you desire. Be committed to reading, listening to, or learning something new everyday. New information and systems of belief are needed to create new habits and new life experiences. If you are not seeing change, don’t blame what is outside of you for work you have not done or won’t do within you. No one can control what enters your mind and and what is birthed from your spirit and life but you. It’s never too late to change the way you think. Make a decision to learn something new and transform your mind today.

3. Get emotionally healthy.
Emotional health and well-being will allow you to remain focused to complete your daily tasks and enable you to fulfill your life purpose. Grow beyond your broken heart, rise above what others have done to you, make a decision to excel and fly anyway. Refuse to abort your destiny. You are going to need to be open to meaningful relationships, partnering with and learning from others to achieve your dreams and goals. Emotional baggage makes this nearly impossible. Decide to seek out a professional for counseling if necessary, start to journal, begin meditating, be willing to do the work. Whatever it takes, make a decision today to regain your emotional health.

4. Develop a plan
How are you going to get to your desired destination? Who are you going to partner with and learn from in order to develop the habit or life you want? Write down your vision and what you intend to do. Break that vision down into actual steps you are going to take. Implement your plan one step, one change at a time. Be certain that the vision is something you are on fire about, and that the plan of action is one that you will enjoy. No one wants to get up each day and dread their schedule, plan of action, and to do list. You are the only one with the power to make choices and daily decisions to make sure your life and schedule includes what you enjoy and are passionate about.

5. Change your actions
What actions got you to where you are? What have you been doing with your time each day? You have to change what you do in order to reshape each area of your life. If you do not like the current state of anything about your life, you have to make a change or it will remain the same. This means you will likely have to step out of your comfort zone. Once you develop a willingness to press beyond your current level of comfort, consistency is required to reshape your life so be determined to take action daily. Whether you desire to lose weight, regain your health, start a business, write a book, meet a financial goal or learn another language. You are going to have to take action daily to see the manifestation of your goal. Schedule your actions. Make them rhythmic and habitual. Be sure that your daily routine reflects what you say you desire to accomplish. Create a system of tracking and accountability through a checklist, spreadsheet or journal to track what you are doing and accomplishing daily. Send a message to your mind, body, spirit, and the world that you will achieve what you set out to do through your commitment to daily action to reach your goals. It’s time to move into your destiny. Make the necessary changes, decide to plan your work and work your plan, and start today!

Reshape your mind, reshape your body, reshape your spirit. Get results. To have a program designed to help you make changes and an accountability partner on your journey, hire a coach today.

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