Four key points to increase productivity in the workplace

productivityIn today’s workplace it is important that employees produce. However, this is difficult to accomplish if  managers are unable to motivate them to do so. Performance deficiencies within a company or organization are many times the result of failing to manage relationships well. When you improve relationships between management and employees, a boost in morale results and productivity increases.

The average worker spends more time with their office family than they do with their own families. This adds an interesting dichotomy to the workplace as people are investing more time, but oftentimes this time does not equate to an increase in productivity. Many circumstances outside of work lend to this lack of productivity. These stress factors can stem from health issues, societal and cultural changes, or issues revolving around a redefined family dynamic. With all these factors, how do employers keep their employees motivated while on the clock?

There is a direct correlation between improving employee/management relationships, and an increase in workplace productivity. A narrow focus on improving employee performance without enhancing workplace relationships is a futile effort.  Training provided to your employees will not mean anything if they do not have a desire to implement what they have learned. Numerous hours of management training is also no substitute for stepping in the trenches and creating a bond with your workers.  You will be ineffective at receiving the desired organizational results until you understand the value of enhancing this relationship.

Four key points for management to establish good relationships within the workplace:

1. Align your actions with your mouth. If people cannot trust you, then you cannot expect them to put forth 100% effort. .
2. Take moment to see things from their perspective
3. Don’t underestimate kindness or a friendly tone.
4. Give your employees the tools they need to perform their job.

Strive to establish a positive rapport, always have an empathetic disposition, and empower your employees. To effectively manage you must examine your thoughts toward those you manage, your words and your actions. Attempt to discern why your employees have been unmotivated to work for you. Once you answer that question, consider how you can improve or communicate better with them in order to improve their workplace performance. Sometimes this can simply be done by asking people for their opinion. When people feel you have a vested interest in them, they will be more likely to have a vested interest your company. This usually results in employees being willing to work harder and  implement your plans to increase efficiency and productivity.

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