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acquire careerLife experiences and circumstances can at times dampen one’s belief that they can build or create the life they desire. The barriers and obstacles that you experience or perceive in your life can seem limiting and insurmountable. The truth is that you were born with everything you need to construct the existence you desire, and the future you’ve dreamed of. Here are five ways that you can take action toward achieving your personal, career, and financial goals and dreams.

1. Use your time wisely. We all have numerous demands on our time and energy. However, in most cases there are moments that we can all consciously decide to make better choices in order to open up time in our day to start working toward our goals. Even if you  only begin with 5-15 minutes, those few moments each day can lead to the complete transformation of your life. One positive change can lead to you making more positive changes. Therefore, do something everyday to develop the knowledge and skills you need for success. Once you set aside or reserve time to enhance your life, use it to do homework, improve your skills, prepare your resume, prepare for interviews, or build a business and become an entrepreneur. Find something you love, enjoy, and are passionate about to work toward so that you can look forward to and be excited about setting aside this special time to build the life you want. What can you move around or change in your daily schedule to create at least 5-15 minutes at the beginning or end of each day to start working toward living your dreams?

2. Increase in education. Education is one of the most important components to success. Work toward obtaining your degree or certifications. If it is not possible at this very moment, begin educating yourself. You can develop or train your mind, increase in knowledge, boost your capabilities, and develop your character through reading and studying books, information on the internet, and other materials, independently on your own until other opportunities open up. It will be your willingness to develop your mind on your own that will increase your ability and skill level to pave the way for opportunities. Give thought and consideration to what you want, develop a plan, use all the resources around you, and increase in knowledge each day to get there. Resolve to be a lifetime learner. Do everything you can to develop your mind, enhance your communication skills, and strengthen your spirit to prepare for your future life experiences and promotions.

3. Develop connections. Circumstances in life that can cause one to end up with few or no connections that can aid them in creating, developing or re-launching their desired career. A pregnancy, time raising children, a change of location or move across or outside of the country, gaps in employment, a prolonged illness, or any extended leave of absence from work can all potentially cause you to be momentarily isolated. If this is the position you find yourself in, take steps when possible to begin connecting socially with others. Find a mentor in your area of interest who has done what you aim to do, and done it well. Talk to a career counselor or academic adviser. Volunteer in your community and create bonds with others who you share common interests. Find individuals or groups with whom you can work toward a cause or purpose that is important to you. If you can’t get out much for financial reasons, health issues, or other constraints, network online. Use the wisdom, knowledge, gifts, and skills you possess now until you can progress into other opportunities later. Associate with community and professional organizations or associations in your area of interest or field of expertise. Don’t let anything be a roadblock to your goals. One day at a time, make an effort toward connecting with others who can provide you with knowledge, wisdom, and even encouragement to achieve your highest hopes and aspirations.

4. Consider changing locations. It may be that your hometown or your current city of residence does not have the capacity or is not conducive to you achieving your goals. To make a decision about the best location for you there are a couple of questions you must ask yourself. Is where you currently live or reside the best setting for you to live your dreams? Does your current location have the most opportunities and the greatest potential for you to thrive in your area of interest? Or is there a better location in the world that may increase the chances for your success? It may be possible for you to succeed or even create a market for your niche where you’re at, but it may be necessary to consider a better location. This step may not be desirable or immediately feasible for everyone, but it does not mean that it will not be a possibility in your future. If you can’t move immediately and you desire to do so, you can start gathering information, education, connections, and eventually resources to make it your reality.

5. Develop drive and perseverance. You have to be relentless in your pursuit of your goals, because your goals and dreams depend on you and you alone. It is your determination, your gift(s), your demonstration of your trustworthiness, and your resourcefulness that will make room for you. Everyone in life experiences road blocks of some sort. It may feel like some individuals experience way more than others. However, whatever becomes a part of your life journey happens or exists because you are strong enough to handle it. Whatever you’ve been through has provided you with the strength, knowledge, wisdom, and experience to fulfill your purpose and reach your destiny. Nothing will ever be a part of your life experience that you are not strong enough to bear and overcome. Be resolved to prove to the world, but most importantly to yourself, what you are capable of. Develop an unwavering determination down in your spirit to go over, around, under, or bust straight through any barrier that attempts to stand in your path or hinder your destiny. You are the only thing limiting you. Take your life out of the hands of everyone else and place it back in your own. You were created to be an over comer.

Use every moment of each day wisely, be proactive, plan ahead, and learn all you can. Decide where you want your skill set to take you, increase in knowledge, build strong relationships by demonstrating your skill set and talent, ask for wisdom and advice when necessary, and enlist the help of others. Don’t let people who are not willing to help, those who don’t wish you well, or those who have given up on their dreams discourage you. Set your goals and achieve them anyway. One day at a time, with or without the support of those around you, you can create the life you desire!

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